Formation in Christian Chastity

Formation in Christian Chastity Letter to Parents

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Formation in Christian Chastity is taught to all children in grades 1 and 5-8 in Holy Family Catholic Schools.

Grades 1


  • Students will know rules for keeping people safe.
  • Students will understand the difference between good touch – bad touch.
  • Students will understand that God loves and respects me and I in turn should love and respect myself.

Grade 5


  • Students will know that Jesus wants us to know Him and follow the truth.
  • Students will have a greater understanding of how we can live out the truth through the virtue of chastity.
  • Students will demonstrate an appreciation for how our bodies are an expression of the truth of our dignity as adopted sons and daughters of God.

Grade 6


  • Students will learn the true meaning of love.
  • Students will be able to identify characteristics of friendship and that true friends are not self-centered.
  • Students will understand that certain acts, such as gossiping, bullying, and teasing violate love of neighbor and friendship.
  • Students will learn that virtue is a spiritual power (virtue) which involves the purity of mind and body, frees love from selfishness, and helps them to realize their own dignity as a child of God, as well as the dignity of others as children of God. Students will know what modesty is and what it requires. Students will understand that in families, chastity builds an atmosphere of love, virtue, and gratitude for God’s gifts, and helps each person discover what is his/her own vocation.

Grade 7


  • Students will learn how to attain true and lasting happiness
  • Students will understand of what true happiness consists, and that making proper use of our freedom leads to happiness.
  • Students will learn what “vocation is and that God is lovingly calling each of us to follow Him in a particular way.
  • Students will understand the importance of choosing friends who want the best for us – body and soul.
  • Students will know that chastity is a spiritual power that helps us follow God’s call in our lives.
  • Students will see that living a prayerful, sacramental life is essential to forming solid friendships and chaste lives, thereby ascertaining the way of life to which God is calling them.

Grade 8


  • Students will learn that in the sacrament of marriage, the husband and wife are called to make a total gift of self, one to the other.
  • Students will know that sex (the marital act), must always be open to life and love, and this is reserved for the sacrament of marriage.
  • Students will understand that any sexual act outside of marriage is seriously sinful.
  • Students will learn what constitutes real freedom and that chastity is necessary if one is to truly be free.
  • Students should understand that appropriate relationships at this stage will include friendships with members of the same and opposite sex and will exclude dating.
  • Students will know the importance of dressing and acting modestly.
  • Students should understand that abuse is always wrong and that if anyone abuses or treats them in a degrading manner, they should immediately tell a parent or trusted adult.

Diocese of Arlington Office of Catholic Schools

Formation of Christian Chastity Curriculum Guidelines


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