Welcome to Third Grade!

Hello and welcome to all the Third Grade Families!

Third grade is going to be a challenging year, but together we will make sure it will be the best year ever!

Third Grade Supply List 2019-2020








Read 15 minutes, Word Study (Yellow, Purple, and Orange groups only) – Test on Monday, Math worksheet (students do not need to estimate before adding)


Read 15 minutes, Grammar pg. 53 exercise B, Math worksheet – students should have highlighted the numbers to do

11/6/19 Read 15 minutes, Handwriting lesson 10-15 due Friday, 10 commandment flashcards


Read 15 minutes, Handwriting lessons 10-15 due Friday, 10 commandment flashcards to practice memorization


Read 15 minutes, Math worksheet, Handwriting lessons 10-15 due Friday

Students have a conference reminder in their Homework folders. Please look at it and let me know if you need to make a change. There are still plenty of times available for conferences.


Read 15 minutes, Word Study, Math worksheet


Read 15 minutes and Word Study

Students may dress in a Saint costume on Friday, November 1st! They do NOT have to dress in the saint they chose for their project.

Please join us at 9:00 am on Friday, November 1st for our All Saint’s Day Mass in the Gym. It is a Holy Day of Obligation!!


Read 15 minutes, Word Study, All Saint’s Day Project DUE TOMORROW


Read 15 minutes, All Saint’s Day Project, Word Study


Read 15 minutes and All Saint’s Day Project Due on 10/30 with presentations on 10/31 and 11/1

Many students wanted to take home an application for student council, however I completely forgot to pass them out at the end of the day. You can open the application online here Student Council Application and print it out at home, and I will also pass out physical copies on Monday. Although the deadline to turn in the application is Monday, October 28, I spoke with Mrs. Lindsey and she said students can turn in the application any time next week. Sorry about that mistake!


Read 15 minutes and ASD Project

Students have chosen their saints and I have a list. If they need a reminder at any time please email me and I can let you know which saint they chose.


Read 15 minutes, Grammar pg. 41, #’s 13- 21 only, ASD Project Due 10/30

Grammar Test tomorrow!


Read 15 minutes, Grammar pg. 40 (Test on Wednesday), All Saint’s Day (ASD) Project Due 10/30 with presentations on 10/31 and 11/1


Read 15 minutes

All Saint’s Day Project – Information in the Homework Folders


Read 15 minutes and Grammar book pg. 34 exercise C


Read 20 minutes

A reminder that our Field Trip is on Tuesday! Please make sure students come dressed in their Regular School Uniform. 


Read 15 minutes, Word Study (Test on Friday), and Math Packet

Math Test on Friday. Students have a packet they should work on tonight and tomorrow night. They may also visit IXL and practice 3rd Grade Letter B skills


Read 15 minutes and Word Study


Read 15 minutes and Word Study

Word Study Test on Friday


Read 15 minutes, Word Study, Math worksheet

I apologize for the few errors on the math worksheet. For 1, there are two correct answers. For 3, the question should be “Which statement is NOT true?”, and for 4, the question should be “Which statement is true?”

Word Study Test on Friday


Read 20 minutes, Math worksheet – Students only need to do the problems that are highlighted, but may complete the entire worksheet if they would like


Read 20 minutes and Grammar Worksheet


Read 20 minutes and Math worksheet on Ordering Numbers

Spirit Wear Day tomorrow! Wear a spirit top and PE bottoms!


Read 20 minutes


Read 20 minutes, Math Review Game

Students will have a Place Value Quiz on Monday (Not the test on the calendar) and can review with the Math Memory game in their homework folders. Students should also have a copy of a place value chart in a sheet protector inside their homework folder. You can help them practice listen and writing down a number correctly by calling out numbers, especially ones with a ten thousand and hundred thousands place value.


Read 20 minutes, Word Study

Please remember to send a large tshirt with your child if you would like the extra protection for their uniform during our afternoon activity!


Read 20 minutes, Word Study


Read 20 minutes, Word Study – All students have word study words and a Choice Board to use for homework. They may choose any of the options each night.

Word Study Choice Board



Read 20 minutes, Word Study

Only two groups received Word Study words today. These students should do a Speed Sort with their words. A Speed Sort is done by mixing all the words or pictures together, except for the headers, and sorting them as fast as you can. Parents or siblings can help time and compete against the student. In their Word Study notebook, students have a “Cheat Sheet” they can use to help them check the sort is correct.

All other students will receive their words tomorrow.

Word Study Test on Friday.


Read 20 minutes, Math Worksheet, Cursive lessons 1-5 due tomorrow

Computer HW: Students were given a flash drive from Mr. Romero and a HW assignment to complete on a computer with the help of a parent.

In a Word document, notepad, or wordpad, or any other word processor, students need to type their name, school, their parents name, and write what they did this summer. Then, save the file onto the flashdrive. The name of the file should be their name. 


If you find any issues doing this assignment, you can email Mr. Romero for guidance.


Read 20 minutes, bring a leaf (best way is in a plastic baggie or in between a paper towel or napkin), finish cursive lessons 1-5


Read 20 minutes, Grammar pg. 19 exercise D

Finish Cursive Lessons 1-5 by Friday


Read 20 minutes and Finish Cursive Lessons 1-5 by Friday


Read 20 minutes every night!

Thursday folders contain RAZ kids and IXL usernames and passwords. Feel free to start exploring and practicing at these sites during the weekend!


No Homework

Back to School Night 6-8 pm


Read 20 minutes, Math Worksheet HW 9-3-19

A reminder that tomorrow night, 9/4/19, is Back to School Night from 6 – 8 pm


Read 20 minutes, Grammar pg. 10 exercise C

You can find a copy of the page at this link: Grammar HW 8-29


NO HOMEWORK !! PTO Night at Chuck E. Cheese! 

A reminder that tomorrow is our BBQ with Father Bill. Students do not need to bring a lunch, but they are welcome to do so if they would like. Also, students can bring a beach towel or small blanket to sit on while they eat outside.


Read 20 minutes

Spirit Wear tomorrow and PTO Night at Chuck E. Cheese!!!

Today we talked about what a good student is, does, says, and is not. We also came up with our classroom rules together. Please keep this conversation going at home so that students are continuously reminded how to be a good student by trying their very best to follow the class rules.


We had a great first day back! Every day, part of the homework will be to Read 20 minutes. Most days, there will be one or two additional assignments, but today it is only Read 20 minutes.

Please check and sign or initial your child’s planner every day!



Bible and Sunday Mass Readings

Scholastic Reader Classroom Password: runshape896


Hello! My name is Ms. Gonzales and this will be my second year teaching third grade and my fourth year at Holy Family. I am currently studying to earn a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Marymount University, so that means I am both a student and a teacher! I love to read and will be reading with you and to you this school year. I have a beautiful dog named Luna, my favorite color is green, and I actually was a student at Holy Family too!

I hope that we will all become one amazing and hardworking family this year so that we all can have the best year ever!