Welcome to the Young 4's and 3 Year Old preschool classes!

Glory Bee Preschool

Dear Parents,

This month, as we honor and celebrate Mary, the mother of Jesus, we honor and celebrate all mothers too.

Where would we be without our mother’s love?

Lord, bless our mothers with wisdom to teach and guide their children in a way that will help them to follow You and to become men and women who will be pleasing in Your sight.

Give all mothers the patience to deal with the difficulties of their job and, most of all, give them a special blessing as they care so lovingly for the gifts that You have allowed them the honor of raising.


As the preschool year comes to an end, it is very bittersweet to let our children go, but let them go we must.

So take off now and spread your wings

Soar to new heights, learn new things

Just remember, as you do,

We are so very proud of you!

We will miss you!


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Wising you a happy and fun-filled summer.

Ms. Cathy, Ms. Kate and Ms. Sheila