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The following is a list of some of the sites that we will be using in some if not all classes.  I encourage that the students, if possible, utilize these at home as well.  I will update and add to list as the year progresses, please come back.

Site used to practice your typing skills.  You can also test your skills by taking the 1,3, or 5 minute typing test.

A quick fun activity book for students learn some facts about the internet and its history.


Great game to practice your keyboarding skills.  This activity will encourage you to not look at the keyboard while typing.

-The site that uses dance mat typing, which teaches how to type with the correct fingerings for each key.

– A quick research site that anyone can use for safe searches.  The information is written for all ages of reading and reading comprehension.

– A great site for everyone to look at to find out more about foods we eat.  We have looked at the “nutrition facts labels” and how to use them with the interactive training module.

– We will be using this site to learn how to make healthy choices when choosing foods.  This is  a site that can help students, as well as parents, when it comes to not just eating but also shopping for foods and cooking them as well.

– Another site that we used in conjunction with the Hour of Code week.  This starts off as a fairly simple task.  Once you get past the first section there is a bit more critical thinking that is involved.

– We used this site to promote the “Hour of Code” week.  It is a great site to use for any students or adults to learn about and how to code.

– This “game” starts to show how coding works and gets students see what coding looks like for each move that is made.

– This site has many learning games for all ages 11 and under.  It’s nice to see the students having fun while learning.

-This will be used to learn typing skills as well as the alphabet and much more.

-We will use this site to learn more about how nutrition helps our bodies function properly.

-Timed typing skills will be done for the time being from this site.  Please encourage your child to practice at home as well.

– A creative way to use words and practice our typing skills.  We will use this site as a our brainstorming sessions for papers and projects as well.