Mr. Hutton – MS Rel/Soc Studies

Middle School Religion & Social Studies

Hello and welcome to the 2018-2019 academic school year! I’m very happy to begin my fourth year as the Middle School Religion and Social Studies Teacher at Holy Family Catholic School.

1) Please feel free to check the resources section for some useful links and occasional extra study help (e.g. PowerPoints, videos, etc.) for quizzes and tests.

2) I will be posting study guides full of definitions for important key terms on Quizlet. Go to to view them at any time before immediately upcoming quizzes and tests.

3) Remember that the weekly homework and dates for quizzes and tests is on this page. Email me at any time ( and I will get back to you ASAP to answer any questions you might have.

Take care and God bless.


Mr. Hutton

2018 MS Supply List

MS Summer Reading List 2018




6th Grade Religion

Monday                              3/25: No homework

Tuesday                              3/26: No homework

Wednesday                        3/27: Spirit Wear Day; 1 Paragraph – What do you think are good ideas for how to avoid giving scandal?

Thursday                           3/28: No homework

Friday                                 3/29: Half Day; Review Session


7th Grade Religion

Monday                              3/25: Activity Book, p. 39

Tuesday                              3/26: Activity Book, p. 40

Wednesday                        3/27: Spirit Wear Day; Review Session

Thursday                           3/28: Ch. 10 Test

Friday                                 3/29: Half Day; no class; no homework


8th Grade Religion

Monday                              3/25: No homework

Tuesday                              3/26: Review Session

Wednesday                        3/27: Spirit Wear Day; Ch. 11 Test I 

Thursday                           3/28: 6 Panel Comic Strip depicting events leading up to, and including, the Council of Nicaea

Friday                                 3/29: Half Day; no class; no homework



6th Grade Social Studies

Monday                              3/25: Ch. 8, Lesson 2 Quiz

Tuesday                              3/26: Read pp. 174-178, write one paragraph about an interesting thing you learned

Wednesday                        3/27: Spirit Wear Day; p. 178, Refocus-Comprehension Questions, #s 1-2

Thursday                           3/28: Worksheet, p. 34

Friday                                 3/29: Half Day; Study


7th Grade Social Studies

Monday                              3/25: Ch. 7, Sec. 3 Quiz

Tuesday                              3/26: Review Session

Wednesday                        3/27: Spirit Wear Day; Ch. 7 Test

Thursday                           3/28: Read Civics in Action: A Citizenship Handbook, pp. 223-227, and do p. 227, Sec. 2 Assessment

Friday                                 3/29: Half Day; Read Civics in Action: A Citizenship Handbook, pp. 228-230, and do p. 230, Sec. 3 Assessment


8th Grade Social Studies

Monday                              3/25: Ch. 22, Sec. 3 Quiz

Tuesday                              3/26: 1 Page – How do you feel about the Roosevelt Corollary? Is it going too far beyond the Monroe Doctrine?

Wednesday                        3/27: Spirit Wear Day; Study

Thursday                           3/28: Ch. 22, Sec. 4 Quiz

Friday                                 3/29: Half Day; no class; no homework



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Social Studies:

6th Grade – (for Chapter 7)

Chapter 8 – The Heritage of Rome – Lesson 1, An Immense Empire

Grade 6 Social Studies Chapter 8 – Look How Big The Roman Empire Grew

Chapter 8 – The Heritage of Rome – Lesson 2 – The Spread of Christianity

Tune for review song here:


7th Grade – Chapter 7 – A More Perfect Union – Section 3 – A New Plan of Government


8th Grade – Chapter 22 – Overseas Expansion (Downloadable, free computer game we are using in class to learn about WWI and WWII, especially the geography – install the various maps)



6th Grade –


7th Grade – 


8th Grade – Chapter 11 – Saints in Our History – Ante-Nicene

21 Ecumenical Councils List:

Click on the “Further Reading” links to acquire more information for research!

If reading about Vatican II, try here: