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Middle School English

Dear HFCS Middle School Families,

As we approach the summer of 2020, I think it is important, maybe now more than ever, to spread love and peace with all of our being. We are all children of God; a collection of hearts, minds, bodies, souls, and unlimited potential. UNITY IS STRENGTH and yet our united states have never seemed more divided in my forty years on this planet. We will find a cure or develop a vaccine for the Coronavirus, of this I am confident. But will we ever find a cure for the virus of hatred and/or indifference for all our brothers and sisters in Christ? The cure isn’t something that can be concocted in a lab or discovered by a scientist. The cure exists inside of our hearts and our minds, but it seems like our collective hearts and minds have been contaminated and have corroded over time. This summer let’s knock the rust off our collective hearts and minds and look at our world through fresh eyes. Look for the beauty and wonder in everyone you encounter and spread every last ounce of love and peace you have within you.

God bless always,

Mr. Oiler




Below I have listed our suggested summer reading books. For your convenience I have also included book reviews from Common Sense Media to help in the decision-making process. Have a safe, restful, and fun summer!

God bless,

Mr. Oiler

  • Choose TWO books to read from the list below. 
  • Make a “mint tin book report” for ONE book ( 
  • Then, in your best handwriting, write a 1-page letter to the author for the SECOND book.

Beetle Boy, Book 1 by: M.G. Leonard

Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation by: Stuart Gibbs

Deeplight by: Frances Hardinge

Echo Mountain by: Lauren Wolk

Other Words for Home by: Jasmine Warga

Things Seen from Above by: Shelley Pearsall

in search bar: jasonoiler

The vocabulary words and definitions can be found on Quizlet to assist the students in studying for their Vocabulary Tests. There are flashcards and various games to help them prepare.

Use Lexile to find books on your child’s reading level. Just input your child’s lexile score from their Scantron results sheet passed out at parent/teacher conferences.




Mr. Oiler has a B.A. in English from George Mason University. He has over a decade of teaching experience, all within the Diocese of Arlington. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Mr. Oiler serves as the Athletic Director here at Holy Family and is also the head coach for the girls’ basketball and volleyball teams.