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Middle School English

Dear Parents,

We’ve made it to the final quarter! All classes are nearing the end of their respective novels. 6th Grade will finish The Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling this week. 7th Grade and 8th grade will finish their books within the month! Lastly, we’ll be watching 7th and 8th grade movies next week! Very excited!

Peace in Christ,

Mr. Oiler

MS Summer Reading List 2018

2018 MS Supply List


TUESDAY 5/29/18


Study for tomorrow’s Unit 19 Vocab Test


Study for tomorrow’s Unit 19 Vocab Test


Study for tomorrow’s Unit 19 Vocab Test


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The vocabulary words and definitions can be found on Quizlet to assist the students in studying for their Vocabulary Tests. There are flashcards and various games to help them prepare.

Use Lexile to find books on your child’s reading level. Just input your child’s lexile score from their Scantron results sheet passed out at parent/teacher conferences.