Holy Family Glory Bee Preschool - Pre-K 4 - Busy Bees


Welcome to Mrs. Bowen’s PreK-4 Busy Bees Class Page!

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We are looking forward to a wonderful school year
with you and your child!

Mrs. Bowen & Mrs. Gomez




Our preschool day consists of center time, art, circle time, snack, playground, and we end our day with a story.  Art is done during our center time so that we are able to work with a few children at a time, depending on their needs. During circle time, we will be going over colors, shapes, patterns, prayers, and songs. So if your preschooler tells you that they did nothing at school, believe me they had a busy day!


Busy Bees’ Daily Schedule

8:30-10:15   Arrival, Free Play, Art, and Circle

10:15-10:45   Snack and Bathroom

10:45-11:15  Playground/Gym

11:15   Story and Prayer

11:30   Dismissal for those not staying all day

11:45-12:45  Lunch, Free Play, Bathroom, and Clean Up

12:45-2:00   Rest Time and Wake up

2:00-2:45   Reading Enrichment Program and Activity

2:45  Snack, Clean Up, Pack Up, Activity

3:00 Dismissal—Carpool

Please note: the first week preschool will dismiss at 11:30 for everyone. Our afternoon program will begin on Tuesday, September 20. Your child will need to bring a lunch, labeled with their name. There is an option to order school lunches for your child, but we have found that the children are happy with their lunches from home and tend to not eat the school lunches as eagerly.
Milk and water are provided for the children to drink at lunch.
Please do not send a drink.

Our afternoon program ends at 3:00 and the children are dismissed in the car pool line. We will bring your child out to your car. For those children who are not staying for the afternoon  program, school dismisses at 11:30.
If you would like your child to stay for the Lunch Bunch program,
we will keep them in the classroom with us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us or send us an e-mail. We are always available. We look forward to a getting to know your preschoolers and enjoying a fun-filled year of learning with them!

Mrs. Bowen & Mrs. Gomez