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“When we pray we speak to God; but when we read, God speaks to us.”
– Saint Jerome

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Student Poetry Corner – Found Poems using book titles

The Whisper Dog that gave us a Terrible Storm. Ancient Leprechauns in the Ice Age Dorm. – Thomas

Deep Dark and Dangerous Ghost Hidden Shadow Fear Itself – Uno

The Angel on a Flight to Freedom – Caroline


Blood on the River
The Crowfield Curse
Gustav Gloom and the People Taker
Floors – William


Short & Shivery
Sacred Shadow
The Whisper
More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark – Mia

Dogs & Fam

Smells Like Dog, No More Dead Dogs!
Who is Big Red, The Sea Wolf? – Bree

Extreme Weather, Natural Disasters

Water Castle
Sweet Home Alaska
Ice Fall – Sadie


Firegirl City of the
Beasts Underneath the
King’s Shadow Haunting
Christmas Tales – Francy


The Crowfield Curse
The Whisper
Blood on the River
At the Edge of the World – Astrid


Blood on the River
Bad Unicorn
The Crowfield Curse
The Whisper
Ghosts – Addai

The Game of Life

Nate Spends Summer Watching TV
Jessie has to Take Care of the House
Clifford Plays in the Snow for the First Time
Stacey had to Babysit for a Mom
Rodrick Plays Video Games Every Day – Jay


We are witnesses of the Holocaust. Teen Resisters fought back the Devil’s Arithmetic. We fought to find a place to hide, and if we didn’t, we died. Now we’ve escaped the Holocaust, and the true stories will live among us. – Danielle

A Quote

Games Change the True Legend in You. – Luke


Promise that you’ll read this in the wild during a sunset. – Veronica


Look at life, who was great? Eye am. – Mia


The Secret of the Old Clock.
Full of lies that could circle around the Andes. Not even the Pharaoh can figure it out. – Lauren


The magic girl was a supernaturalist, who lived in a green glass house, her life was like a circus. Her face was pale like the moon, and her eyes were a mix of hazel and purple. – Leah


On the Floor, Inside a human, Animal Habitats, About a Bee – Nate


A wrinkle in time
Stops for no mouse
The limit for tomorrow
Stops for no mouse
in time a story
sets me free – Isabela


The road is on the land
the road to Paris is
a long way to where
you and they and we
are supposed to travel. – Chloe

Life is a Cage That You Can Never Escape

You were sent to Sabotage, but my heart was already Torn then. You Found the pieces, but know I’m Caught up in your lie. – Leo

The Tears of Despair and Notes of Hope

In your mind where there is nothing but …
Making your hope seem Torn.
A piano plays nothing but one false note.
It’s like a feeling.
A feeling of despair.
But that one false note starts to turn true.
And that note divides and conquers the piano
The Piano fills the room, now no crying with music
And now it caught something…
It found something…
Something that makes the person keep going.
That feeling is called hope. – Emmanuel


The Secret Garden which has the Danger Box. On My Honor this Journal Belongs to Ratchet enclosed Serafina’s Promise. – Edgar


A tree can be
all things bright and beautiful
Save me a
garden – Summer


Everyday Guys Read Summer Ball to Save Marty’s Pants and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. – Kyle


Shoot for the moon, if you don’t you are still part of the stars. – Chloe

Journey From Al Capone to the Water Castle

Al Capone Shines My Shoes Two Times the Fun, The Great Wall of Middle School, Scary Stories Tale from Alcatraz, Here Comes Summer Get Me Out of Here to the Water Castle – Aiden


Dogs can be amazing and an awesome buddy.
They can have scruffy fur too. They can have red coats too. Cats and Dogs can have pet wars sadly. No more dogs would make people sad. Dogs should be around for a long time though. – Paige


Bad Kitty Gets a Bath and Kitty Meets the New Baby. The Cat in the Hat. Cats Caring for Kittens. Kitty Cat at Night Looks at the Crookeostars. – Madelenne


The Grim Legacy told the
sorcerer to go to the
green glass house which
is being haunted
by a ghost that
is Frankenstein. – Antonella

The Sorcerer’s Ghost

The first legacy of the sorcerer’s ghost. – Charlene


The Grim Legacy told the
sorcerer to go to the
green glass house which
is being haunted
by a ghost that
is Frankenstein. – Antonella

The Travel of Warriors

Unwanted warrior of the rain forest. – Cristian

My Warriors

A kingdom for my warriors – Brandon

Feel the Wind

Feel the wind east and west – Andy

The Third Rule

Framed – Bobby


The invention of the Greenglass dog Stuart


Winter hatchet
canyon collection – Rex


Finding the outside storm thunder care – Gabriela


The storm hurts like a thorn but if
you purge the surge will scurge away – Will

Game Time

The underdogs change games the true legends break fast. – Azel

The Animals

A Duck saw a pig, the pig
saw a smart dog, the smart
dog saw an elephant named
Gerald. The elephant Gerald
saw a cat, and the cat
in this poem! – Tiffany

No Complaining

Game time can’t complain really. – Mya


The dogs are friends. Dog days never end. – Moises

The Grandpa

Mr. Lincoln’s Way, Are You My Friend Today? Fine As We
Are. Marvin’s Shining Star, I Love You, Grandpa. – Chelsea


The big snow a place to grow Angelina’s baby sister
the trouble with mister Princess furball. – Teresa

Sasquatch and Frankenstein

Sasquatch is in the funny business
with Sasquatch.  – Desmond


Mirandus found anything but typical lawless dogs – Danny

Dog’s Tree

Cool Dog, School Dog, Dog in Boots
You could choose one of each under the
ocean there is a wishtree chickachicka boom
boom and is done. – Sarah

Journey of a Heartbreak Messenger

The heartbreak messenger went on the impossible journey to the peak where the girl who left the shallows was. – Carley


The invention of wonderstruck started with violet on the run for the perfect blindside so she could be okay for now, in search for a temporary fix. – Alexandra


They were cursed. Revenge of those they had tormented was afoot. The whispers of the terrified and suffering roared in their heads. Haunting the whispers were haunting. – Kayla

The Search with the Secret Three

There they were “The Secret Three” on the “Search for the Sunken Treasure” “Beneath the” sea. The three went on a “Fishy Field Trip” to find the treasure. They came across “a Beast Beneath,” but in the end one “Saves the Day.” – Kenzie

The Curse

The princess of the palace of stone put upon a curse on the fairy god sister in the castle of the mist. – Allyson


Step by step
A long way form home
Lost and found
Searching for…
…Mom – Peter


Maridona is a true legend, he is
an underdog, he is a very fast
player, he is a game changer, and
he is like a ghost on the
field. – Carlos


His name was Jack
he hit the pot
his luck has peaked,
the gambling paid off
he has won the slot
but one more time, he lost it all
he felt powerless, he had been swindled
his luck ran out, it barely dwindled. – Wesley


Catching Fire of Jubilee inside the Goblet of Fire while sitting on the Throne of Fire. – Daniel

The Land

The land of Wonders,
With animals running at
the speed of light.
Blue Birds looking for
a storm warning. – Catherine


Love is a journey
it is easy to start, but hard to finish
it is easy to love, but harder to get loved
You will need help during that journey
and those who will help you
are true friends that love. – Yann


Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is a school club open to 5th and 6th grade students in Catholic schools throughout the Diocese of Arlington.  As we wait for guidance from the Diocese, we may need to begin Battle as Zoom meetings this fall. Please try and get a head start of reading some of the books this summer. There are 16 books on this year’s list representing different genres of literature. TheDiocesan Battle of the Books competition takes place in May 2021, where each school is represented by a team of five students.

The Battle of the Books program is challenging and fun for students who enjoy reading books and competition. Please contact Mrs. Dunlop for additional information about the Battle of the Books.

Battle of the Books – 2020/2021 Reading List

Categories include nonfiction, historical fiction, fantasy, classic, mystery, adventure, realistic fiction and Catholic Librarian Association (CLA) choice.

Page & Company: The Bookwanderers #1 By: Anna James

Song for a Whale By: Lynne Kelly

The Bridge Home By: Padma Venkatraman

Door in the Wall By: Marguerite de Angeli

Five Children and It By: Edith Nesbit

The Beetle Boy By: M.J. Leonard

We’re Not From Here By: Geoff Rodkey

Lifeboat 12 By: Susan Hood

Queen of the Sea By: Dylan Meconis

Samantha Spinner and the Super-Secret Plans #1   By: Russell Ginns

Wollstonecraft Detective Agency: The Case of the Missing Stone #1 By: Jordan Stratford

The Fabled Life of Aesop By: Ian Lendler

Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio By: Peg Kehret

Nine, Ten: A September 11 Story By: Nora Raleigh Baskin

Pay Attention Carter Jones By: Gary D. Schmidt


Mrs. Dunlop, Library

What’s your librarian been reading lately? I’m currently reading “When I Hit the Road” by Nancy J. Cavanaugh and I’m listening to “And Then There Were None” a classic by Agatha Christie. I recently finished “The Case of the Missing Moonstone by Jordan Stratford, “The Key to Extraordinary” by Natalie Lloyd, “Ghost Squad” by Claribel A. Ortega, “From the Desk of Zoe Washington” by Janae Marks, and “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien

Battle of the Books