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“When we pray we speak to God; but when we read, God speaks to us.”
– Saint Jerome


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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Last Straw


This Journal Belongs to Ratchet




Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


P.S. I Like You

Salt in His Shoes

Star Wars Jedi Academy

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway


Diary of a Wimpy Kid Double Down

The Locket’s Secret

El Deafo

Roller Girl

The Girl Who Could Fly

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Getaway

The Way to Stay in Destiny

Roads to Falaise

Pete the Cat and the Lost Tooth

A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 1 

El Deafo

Tea for Ruby


Writing Contests

Want to try your hand at entering a writing contest? Try one of these!

K-3rd grade


3rd-8th grade, the deadline for submission is February 25.


Various contests

Student Poetry Corner
Toad in the Garden Poetry

Yellow and white Tulips
bushes with leaves
sitting in the shadows
A dark green and yellow frog
hopping around under the tree roots
playing in the mulch
watching blue flowers bloom
– Anonymous

The big gross weird frog is jumping through the
grass. Big weird gross legs going up and down.
Gross and green looking mean through the
greens. Through the grass and through the
trees he be green.
– Julian Alcazar

hiding behind the bunches of yellow flowers
mulch is stuck to his/her feet
hops over to the tree on the left
sits under it’s roots
– Tess Drabik

An army green colored frog sitting
on a root of a tree sits as it’s
bumpy skin blends in with the
The grass is green and so many
blue and yellow flowers.
Sir frog hops through the bunches
of flowers
Sir frog spots a fly buzzing over
a blue flower
– Carly T.

The forest looks very green with
A lot of long grass and flowers.
The toad is sitting a branch
From a tree in the forest. -The
Toad is dark green with bumps
And a yellow belly.
– Anonymous

The forest burns with the sound of
The wind rustling the leaves & colorful
Flowers. The round lumpy frog ribbits
As it bounces from grass to branch
To dirt.
– Emily Leon

small, bumpy frog roaming around the
forest with yellow + blue flowers.
the green, ugly frog found white flowers
amd a bunch of trees
the frog saw a plainfield w/ a bunch
of trees + flowers blooming + growing.
the last stop was near an area
with rocks + water in the
– Anonymous

Grumpy toad hopping in a garden
Yellow, white, blue flowers under shady trees
Icky squash among the daffodils
Jumps in the awkward bush
– Anonymous

Lush green life, plant and frog
hophophop yellow flowers
pass by.
ribbit ribbit, he eats a fly
yellows whites greens and
Oh all these beautiful
– Anonymous

The garden and The Frog
Hoppdy hop hop hop goes the dark greyish blue
frog. Into the dark shaded flower bed. Mr. Frog
then hides under all the flowers stems to
escape the summer heat. Mr. Frog then
stays awhile till the sun goes down and
hops away.
– Anonymous

The brown toad camo with
the tree. The toad with warts
was hopping around the very
pretty garden
– Kuma

Camo Toad went into
the Blooming, Bright, Pretty
Garden. It’s silver eyes
reflected of the sun while
it hid between the flora.
– Cayden

purple, yellow white, flower
with TOAD
IN the NATURE with
– Abigail Callejas

flowers waving with
beautiful colors like
white, yellow, blue, the
toad is sitting on the grass
– Anonymous

The toad can camouflage in the Garden
the toad is very small in the garden
the Frog is muddy and the garden is dry
– Anonymous

A distorted rainbow hopped from
branch to branch, to seek it’s
destination. At last it reached
the dry green garden. It’s
yellow daffodils glowed in
the bright sun.
– Anonymous

A bumpy mysterious toad. In a bright
colorful garden full of God’s creations.
With Life and beautiful colors. A
magical Garden with many colors.
– Catherine Saenz

I see flowers, trees, I see branches, dirt
grass. light. I see the roots of the tree.
I see a toad, green, bumpy, ugly, and fat.
The fat, ugly, bumpy, green toad has
gotten into the garden of flowers, trees,
grass, light, dirt, and branches.
– Carlos

The toad lives in Dirt. The toad is hopping on
the rocks. The toad is blending in with
the green grass. The toad is eating the
blue flower
– Anonymous

The toad hops across to get
his beautiful wife a flower
blue is the color he picks
he loves her very much.
– Anonymous

This toad is in our garden now.
He hides behind the yellow flowers
blending into the mulch. He
does not blend in with the
blue flowers though. He blends
into the tree, and the mulch.
Flowers, as far as the eye
can see. Then we see our
blended, hidden Mr. Toad.
– Tama Yanks

The toad is hiding in
the grass.
The toad is hiding in the dirt.
The toad likes the flowers.
The environment is thriving.
– Joseph

The toad is depressed because
of the garden. He has been
thinking of life since he lost
his family there. He finds the
garden dull and boring. The bland
garden has ruined his life.
– Anonymous




Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is an after school club open to 5th and 6th grade students in Catholic schools throughout the Diocese of Arlington.  The Holy Family Catholic School club meets Thursdays from either 7:30-8 am or 3-3:30 pm in the library. An assigned book is discussed in detail each meeting and two books are reviewed monthly. There are 15 books on this year’s list representing different genres of literature.  On May 14, the diocesan Battle of the Books competition takes place, where each school is represented by a team of five students.

The Battle of the Books program is challenging and fun for students who enjoy reading books and competition. Please contact Mrs. Dunlop for additional information about the Battle of the Books.

Battle of the Books – 2018/19 Reading List

Categories include nonfiction, historical fiction, fantasy, classic, mystery, adventure, realistic fiction and Catholic Librarian Association (CLA) choice.


Finding Gobi: young readers’ edition by Dion Leonard

The Plot to Kill Hitler, by Patricia McCormick


Beyond the Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk

Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage


When the Sea Turned to Silver by Grace Lin

Wishtree by Katherine Applegate


Click Here to Start by Dennis Markell

Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Realistic Fiction

Hello, Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly

Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus, Dusti Bowling

Historical Fiction

Bicycle Spy by Yona Zeldis McDonough

Refugee by Alan Graz


Twenty-One Balloons by William Pene Du Bois

The Illiad by Gillian Cross

CLA Choice

Crispin: The Cross of Lead by Avi



Mrs. Dunlop, Library

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