Mrs. Zant -Third Grade

 Welcome to Third Grade


3rd Grade Supply List 2018

3rd Grade Summer Reading List 2018














Continue to memorize multiplication facts 0-12

Read nightly at least 15 minutes.  One night your student should read orally to you.

New Grading Period 4/23

  • Homework April 23
  • 4/23 No Homework packet this week.  Any unfinished work will be brought home to complete.  Homework this week will be to complete three math JLABS , 20 questions each.
  • Charlotte 8-12
  • Students need to receive an 80 percent or higher.  They may try as many times as they like to receive the 80 percent.  They need to email me or print the results.  Students need to complete 3 Spelling City activities for their sort this week.  They may print the results, but it is not necessary.  I see the results from my account.
  • Scantron testing the week of 5/7-5/9  Vocabulary test Thursday5/10, Social Studies Test on Friday 5/11.
  • No Word Work test this week.
  • May 14
  • Word work list for Charlotte’s Web Chapters 1-3  Charlotte’s Web
  • 5/21Social Studies homework 5/21/2018 (if not completed in class) – Key Words on page 252, Refocus Questions and Think About it questions.Write the question and the answer
  • 5/23 Study for Spanish Test and Science test, complete summary of  chapter 1 and chapter
    • Students who did not complete their work in class need to complete it for homework.  5/25 Social Studies definition and questions pg.256-259 key word, refocus, think about it, complete Chapter 1-3 Charlotte’s Web questions
    • Charlotte’S Web Chapt 4-7  
    • Word Work Charlotte’s Web 4-7 link above