Mrs. Zant -Third Grade

Welcome to Third Grade

  • Please join me in welcoming Mrs. Benitez to our third grade family.  She will be assisting in our classroom for the next few weeks.

  • Please practice cursive, nightly reading, and multiplication facts.

  • Remember we have P.E. every Tuesday.


A reminder to students –  The homework packets are meant to reinforce what has been taught in school each week or to review a skill that has been previously taught.  The packets are made to work on one or two pages a night….not the whole packet at one time.  Each student should work on something at least three of four nights a week for 20-30 minutes.  If the homework packet is completed in one night, please remember to work on reading,, RAZ kids, IXL (…we are working on multiplication or any area you may want to brush up on), or jlab.

MATH QUIZ  0-3 x on Monday 2/26

RELIGION TEST – Tuesday 2/27 Chapters 5-8, Use Quiz and books to study.













  • Begin to memorize multiplication facts 0-12

Read nightly at least 15 minutes.  One night your student should read orally to you.

New Grading Period 1/29

Week January 28Week-January-28 (3)