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We would like to welcome all of our families to Glory Bee Preschool,

attending both in-person and virtually!

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Preschool age children learn best through hands on activities!

Give your child plenty of opportunities to:

  • play with play-dough
  • build with blocks
  • do puzzles
  • create art (including painting, drawing with crayons/markers/colored pencils, cutting with scissors, using a glue stick)
  • play outside-running, jumping, climbing

Read to your child at least 15 minutes a day.


Play Dough Recipe



2020-2021 Carpool Guidelines

2020-2021 Preschool Calendar

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Mrs. Ellen Weidley

Mrs. Ellen earned her Child Development Associate Certification in 2008. She began working at Holy Family in the library in 2006 and began working in the preschool as an assistant in 2007.  Mrs. Ellen became a lead teacher in 2016. Mrs. Ellen finds great joy in working with the Pre-K children each day, helping to guide them as they grow and learn throughout the year. She feels truly blessed to share in the gift of God’s children, being able to share our faith with them, and to work with the wonderful Preschool staff of dedicated professionals.

Mrs. Ellen has been a Eucharistic Minister for  Holy Family parish since 2010 and has been very honored to serve in this important ministry. She is also one of the leaders of the Backpack Snack program which serves elementary and middle school students in our Dale City community. This program provides food to students that rely on school for their meals. Each week, the program provides  breakfast, lunch, and snack items for them to take home for weekends.

Mrs. Ellen and her family have lived in Woodbridge since 2002. She and her husband, John, have two children, both alumni of Holy Family.


Mrs. Judi Peacott

My name is Judi Peacott. I am a native Virginian and have lived in the
Dale City area since 1989. Currently, I serve as the Director of our Glory
Bee Preschool & Extended Day Programs. I have been an Early
Childhood Educator for over 29 years and have been right here at Holy
Family for 23 of those years! I enjoy working with the children,
students and families involved in both programs. In addition, I serve on
the Preschool & Extended Day committees within the Diocese and I am
active in a local-area preschool group as well. I am always looking for
new and creative ideas that will keep our programs current in the latest
educational trends. My husband and I are very active within our parish,
our Knights of Columbus and our community. We enjoy working closely
with the local homeless shelters. When I am not working, I enjoy
reading, crocheting, working in the garden and spending time with our
family and friends.


Welcome to our Glory Bees class!  It was so nice to see and meet everyone at our Sneak Peek.


The first couple weeks of preschool we will be getting to know your preschoolers and helping them to learn our classroom routine.  Our preschool day consists of center time, art, circle time, snack, playground, and we end the morning portion of our day with a story.  Art is done during our center time so that we are able to work with a few children at a time, depending on their needs.  During circle time, we will be going over colors, shapes, patterns, counting, alphabet, prayers, and songs.  So if your preschooler tells you that they did nothing at school, believe us they had a busy day!


Glory Bees Daily Schedule

8:30-10:00   Arrival, Centers, Art, and Clean Up

10:00-10:30   Circle Time

10:30-11:30  Bathroom, Snack, Outside

11:30-11:45   Story

11:45-12:45  Lunch, Free Play, Bathroom, and Clean Up

12:45-1:45   Rest Time

1:45-3:00   Reading Enrichment Program and Snack

2:45  Snack, Clean Up, Pack Up, Activity

3:00 Dismissal—Carpool


Please note:  the first week preschool will dismiss at 11:30 for everyone.  Our afternoon program will begin on Tuesday, October 13 with a 3:00 carpool dismissalEvery day your preschooler will need to bring a  healthy snack and a water bottle labeled with their names. For those children staying for the Reading Enrichment Program, they will also need to bring a lunch and an afternoon snack labeled with their name.  Your child will not need to bring a backpack this year.  We will send everything home at the end of the week in a plastic bag.


We are asking that all children wear a mask while attending our program.  The standards for the State of Virginia require all children over the age of 2 to wear a mask when a social distance of 6 feet cannot be maintained.  There will be times throughout the day when social distancing will be difficult to maintain and wearing a mask will ensure the safety of everyone in our program.  If your child does not wear a mask to preschool, one will be provided to them.  The first mask will be complimentary.  After that, a $2.00 fee will be added to your FACTS account for each mask.  We do understand that this may cause some children discomfort and we will take steps to avoid this as much as possible.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us or send an e-mail. We are always available. We look forward to getting to know your preschoolers and enjoying a fun-filled year of learning with them!


Mrs. Peacott, Mrs. Bowen, and Ms. Ellen




October 2020 calendar

Virtual Preschool 2020