Wow! It’s hard to believe that this is the last newsletter of the year! This year has gone by so quickly and it has been wonderful getting to know each of your children. We still have lots of fun things in store for the month of May! We will be learning about Mary, our Mother, flowers and seeds, and life at the beach. We will finish up our Happily Ever After Curriculum with The ABC Book focusing on the letters Xx, Yy, and Zz, the color pink, and reviewing shapes.

We celebrate Moms on Friday, May 11. This is a very special day with special hours (please see invitation attached to email). If Mom is not available to attend, grandma, a sister or aunt is welcome to come instead.

We will take a “field trip” to visit the Kindergarten classroom and meet Ms. Rowley. She will talk to the children about what it’s like to be in Kindergarten!

We will celebrate summer Birthdays this month! If your child has a summer birthday, please see the class calendar for the day we will celebrate their birthday.

Our last day for the school year will be our Hoppin’ Up Celebration on Friday, May 25. This is not a regular school day and each child must be accompanied by an adult. There will be a reception following the performance.







2017-2018 Preschool Calendar

Birthday Snacks

Click the link below for the Buzzin’ Bees May calendar.


Helpful resources for Pre K parents:


We are so happy to welcome all of our children and families to The Glory Bee Preschool
Pre K 5 Class of 2017-2018. Our class name is The Buzzin’ Bees!
We would like to let
you all know some important things about our class.
OUR DAY – Our schedule is divided into child directed as well as teacher
directed times and quiet as well as active times. This provides many
opportunities for age appropriate social interactions. Much of our day is spent
learning through the play that is taking place and the socializing that the children
are engaged in, however, there will be many opportunities to learn such concepts
as colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and much more through songs, games,
stories, puzzles, art, science, math, and many other daily activities.
CLASS FOLDERS – Your child will receive a GREEN FOLDER with his/her
name on the front. This is how we will send home artwork and some
communications from the school. Please take all items out and RETURN THE
EMPTY FOLDER TO SCHOOL THE NEXT DAY so that we may continue to use
it throughout the school year. If there is nothing to send home,
the folders will stay at school.
PLAYGROUND – As part of our daily schedule, we will be taking the children to
the playground. Play clothes and closed toe shoes are best for this activity. The
surface of the playground is small pea gravel, which will get stuck in open shoes
such as sandals. This is very uncomfortable and unfortunately when sandals are
worn children spend most of the time on the playground sitting down to take
rocks out of their shoes. We want the children to be able to run and play
SNACK TIME – We have two snack times during the full day schedule, morning
and afternoon. For our morning snack we ask each child to bring ONE SMALL,
safety reasons, please do not send snacks with nuts of any kind. Water is
provided at snack time and throughout the day, PLEASE DO NOT SEND JUICE
or other beverages for snack time.
The afternoon snack is provided by Holy Family.
LUNCH TIME – When we begin our full day schedule, we will eat lunch together
in our classroom. The children have the option to pack their lunch or pre-order
school lunch. When bringing lunch from home please remember that we are a
NUT FREE ZONE so nothing with nuts is permitted. Milk and water will be
provided at lunch time each day. Your child may bring juice and a small treat
(dessert) in their packed lunch. If you would like to purchase lunch from the
school cafeteria, please check the school website for instructions how to order.
**For lunch and snack time, don’t forget to pack a spoon or fork if needed.
These are not provided by the school.
REST TIME – Each afternoon our class will have a rest time. I understand that
many children this age do not take naps. That being said, some children do and it
is a state licensing requirement that all full day programs provide children with a
rest period. We provide mats for each child to lie on and we ask each child to
bring a blanket from home and if they would like, one small stuffed animal. The
children are not required to sleep but they will be required to rest quietly on their
mat. If your child chooses to bring a stuffed animal, we ask that you do not allow
them to bring one that makes noise as this will disturb the children that choose to
sleep. There will be no rest time on 11:30 dismissal days.
READING ENRICHMENT – Our preschool program uses the “Happily Ever After”
Reading Enrichment Curriculum. It is a story based program with such classics
as Little Red Riding Hood, The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Nightingale, and
Peter and the Wolf. Each unit takes approximately two weeks to complete. Along
with the story, each unit covers specific concepts such as, letters, shapes, colors,
positional words, and many others. At the end of each unit, your child will bring
home his/her BLUE FOLDER with all of the work completed and a parent letter
with information about that unit as well as the next unit. When this folder is sent
home, please remove all papers and return the folder to school so that we may
use it for the entire year. THIS WILL BEGIN ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25.
MASS & BUDDIES – Our Pre K 5 class partners with the fourth grade class in
the school’s “Buddy” program. Each of our preschoolers will be paired with one
or two of the fourth grade students and they will be “Buddies” for the school year.
We will meet with our Buddies to attend Mass on Fridays. We will also get
together throughout the year to read stories, play games, and other special
activities. This is a great program and we are happy to be a part of it. We will
attend Mass every Friday and on days when a school Mass is scheduled.
THAN 8:45AM on days we will be attending Mass and that they use the restroom
before coming to class.
FOOD PANTRY – The first Friday of each month is Food Pantry day. Please
have your child bring a non-perishable food item to donate to our parish Food
Pantry. We will deliver any items donated after we attend Mass. Our first visit to
the Food Pantry will be FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6.
READ WITH ME – This is a wonderful program started in the Pre K class a few
years ago and we are so excited to continue. Once a month we invite family
members to come to our classroom to read a story to the class. The children are
so excited when a loved one visits! We are happy to have anyone important to
your child volunteer, including mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, or uncles. You
can read your child’s favorite book, your favorite childhood story, or choose a
book from our classroom. You can choose to come before lunch at 11:30am or at
the end of the day at 2:30pm. A sign-up sheet with available dates will be posted
on our bulletin board.
BOOK BUDDIES – Another wonderful program that is very exciting for the
children is our Book Buddies. Our classroom library has several story books with
the coordinating stuffed toys. Each Friday one child from the class will be able to
choose a book and character from the shelf to take home for the weekend. When
it is your child’s turn please have them share the story with the whole family.
Read the book, talk about the character, and just have fun! Please remember this
is a great opportunity to teach your child about respecting and caring for the
property of others. Please remind them to be careful with the book and the
stuffed toy because they are only borrowing them and the other children in the
class will be looking forward to having a turn. We will start the Book Buddy
Program in October.
CARPOOL – OUR DAY TOGETHER ENDS AT 3:00PM. This is the same time
that the elementary and middle school dismiss. Dismissal is conducted through a
carpool system. Carpool line up is in the lower of the three church parking lots.
There will be three rows of cars. Drive into a row that has room and wait there.
Beginning at 3:00pm, our school principal, Mrs. Chevlin will come through the
rows and ask who you are picking up. Please tell her your child’s name and that
they are in the Pre K 5 class. Their name will then be called over the school’s
announcement system. Continue to follow the row of cars until you reach the
parking lot in front of the school entrance. Teachers will be in the lot directing
REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE. If you do not wish to come through the carpool
line, you may park in the middle church parking lot and walk to the school
entrance. If you choose this option, you should arrive by 2:50pm and PLEASE
DO NOT RING THE DOORBELL! Mrs. Chevlin will come out of the building at
2:50pm and take names of those waiting at the school entrance. IF YOU
the safety of everyone preparing for the dismissal of our students. Your
cooperation is very important. Thank you in advance.
EARLY DISMISSAL DAYS – Throughout the year there will be some days that
our school will dismiss at 11:30am. The same carpool procedures will be in place
on these days as on our 3:00pm dismissal days. If you are walking to the door,
please arrive by 11:20am. Some early dismissal days will be for preschool only.
On these days, you will come to our classroom to pick up your child. The door
will be opened at 11:30am for you to enter the building. PLEASE DO NOT RING
THE DOORBELL. All early dismissal days will be listed on our class calendar
and newsletter and we will let you know when an
early dismissal is preschool only.
 CLASS NEWSLETTER AND CALENDAR – Each month you will receive a class
newsletter and calendar via email. It will include information about what we are
learning, special events, activities, reminders about “Supply Families”, Mass
days, “Read with Me” volunteers, early dismissal days/school closures, etc.
Please read these because they will have the most accurate information for our
class. I will also email reminders as needed about important events or with
updated information. Please make sure I have accurate email addresses for you
to receive these important items. If you do not have access to email, please let
me know and paper copies can be sent home via your child’s yellow folder.
I understand that this is a lot of information to process.
If you ever have any questions,
please feel free to ask any of the Buzzin’ Bees teachers ~ we are always here to help!
May God’s Blessings “Bee” with you always,
Mrs. Ellen, Mrs. Sheila, and Mrs. Frida