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Middle School Math

Welcome back to another school year.  I hope you had a restful summer and got to enjoy time with family and friends.

MS Math Letter and Syllabus

Textbook Information


Middle School Math Homework Club (Tentative dates)

*Students not picked up by 4:15 will be sent to Extended Care

Tuesday, Feb 6 – girls only

Wednesday, Feb 7 – boys only

Monday, Feb 12 – 6th and 7th only

Tuesday, Feb 13 – 8th grade only

Tuesday, Feb 20 – 8th grade only

Wednesday, Feb 21 – 6th and 7th only *Rescheduled

Thursday, Feb 22 – 6th and 7th only

Monday, Feb 26 – 6th and 7th only

Tuesday, Feb 27 – 8th grade only

Tuesday, Mar 6 – 8th only

Thursday, Mar 8 – 6th and 7th only

Tuesday, Mar 13 – 8th only

Thursday, Mar 15 – 6th and 7th only

Tuesday, Mar 20 – 8th only

Thursday, Mar 22 – 6th and 7th only

Tuesday, Mar 27 – 8th only

Thursday, Mar 29 – 6th and 7th only

MS Math Homework Club Permission Slip Math Homework Club Permission Slip


Catholic Math League Contest

The middle school has the opportunity to participate in the Catholic Math League contest.  There are four contests this year (November, December, February, and March).  Students who participate can earn extra credit towards a test grade taken around the same time as the contest date.

Please look at the sample tests so you can see the types of problems and level of difficulty.

4th Grade Practice Test(all students in 4th grade)

5th Grade Practice Test (all sstudents in 5th grade)

6th Grade Practice Test (students in 6-1)

7th Grade Practice Test (students in 6-2, 7-2, and 7-3)

Pre-Algebra Practice Test (students in 8-PA and 8-PAA)


Second Winter Contest – Thursday, February, 8



Homework must be completed in your math notebook following the corresponding class notes in order to receive full credit.  Turn in your stamp sheet on test day for homework grades (one for homework, one for class notes).

6th Grade

Course 6-1 Homework_8

Course 6-1 Homework_9

Course 6-2 Homework_8

Course 6-2 Homework 9

7th Grade

Course 7-2 Homework_8

Course 7-2 Homework 9

Course 7-3 Homework_9

Course3 Homework_7


8th Grade

Pre-Algebra Homework_7b

Pre-Algebra Homework_8

8PAA Homework_6

8PAA Algebra Homework_4-5

Algebra Homework_8

Algebra Homework_9





You can find any math topic to review – these tend to be dry, but straightforward, and have the most variety of topics


You can find any math topic to review – you may have to search through different ones to find instructors you like better but one instructor may not have all the topics you need.

These are good for end of year reviews since you can’t specify particular topics but you can always do previous year’s material if you want a comprehensive review.


This is my eleventh year of teaching, nine of which was at a high school in Fairfax County.  It is my second year teaching at Holy Family.

I great up outside of Philadelphia.  I got my BS in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University, my MS in Engineering from The Catholic University of America.  I worked as a radar engineer with various government contractors for ten years before getting my teaching certification from George Mason University.

My family belongs to Holy Family parish.  My husband, Kevin, and I live in Dale City with our three kids.  Carolyn attends John Paul the Great.  She and I sing together with the Praise Choir on Sundays.  I love seeing my kiddos at Mass.  Andrew and Megan are in 4th and Pre-K at Holy Family.  I enjoy sewing, baking, and crossword puzzles (the ones with the strange themes).