First Grade Homework:

Goal: To help students learn the routine and responsibility of homework.  That is, they will 1) Write down their homework assignments in their  planner, bring home their planner and folder each night, complete their homework, bring planner and folder back each day and put their homework in the right place in the classroom.


  • Read 15 minutes every night*
  • Math homework : Monday-Wednesday (worksheet in homework folder)
  • Word Study: Monday – Thursday (will not begin immediately)

*Reading Hints:

Developing readers learn to read 3 ways: reading the pictures, reading the words and retelling a familiar story.  Your child may read any of these ways, as we do at school.  You may initially read to them, too.  As their skills become stronger, they should transition to 15 minutes of  independent reading.  For this reason, it is important to help your child find “good fit” books.

Please don’t stop reading aloud to your child!! They will develop vocabulary and build comprehension while enjoying books they cannot yet read independently.  This is a great benefit.  If your child speaks another language besides English, you can read to them in that language, too.  They will continue to build comprehension skills in two languages.

Please contact me if you want more information! WE LOVE READING  IN FIRST GRADE!!        reading


girl reading math


Five Frame

Builds number sense, move to Ten Frame when this game is mastered.

Ten Frame

Builds foundation needed for learning addition and subtraction.

How Many Under the Shell?

Use this tool to practice addition and subtraction with Okta, the octopus.

OktasRescueOkta’s Rescue

Practice counting and subitizing by playing this game (also available on iOS and Android).