Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff are gifted educators, who recognize their calling to minister our children in Catholic education. We have a combined total of over 90 years of collective experience in education.  We celebrate our children’s successes and help lift them up when they fail.  Our expectations are high and our standards meet or exceed national standards. Our faculty and staff challenge our students intellectually and motivate them to develop inquiring minds and a love for learning.  By building a strong foundation in morality, self-discipline, and respect, we help our students develop their character and God-given potential. Together with parents and the parish community, we strive to prepare the students for their roles in the home, parish, local, and global community to be civic-minded and to protect the dignity of themselves and others.

Contact information

Please contact our school office at (703) 670-3138


Mrs. Chevlin Principal principal@holyfamilydalecity.org
Mrs. Moghtadaie Admin. Assistant mmoghtadaie@holyfamilydalecity.org
Mrs. Gomez Admissions Director dgomez@holyfamilydalecity.org
Mrs. Jozsa Nurse nurse@holyfamilydalecity.org
Mrs. Ham Kindergarten kinder@holyfamilydalecity.org
Ms. Poisson Kindergarten  Aide
Ms. Jones First Grade firstgrade@holyfamilydalecity.org
Ms. Escobar First Grade Aide
Mrs. Conway Second Grade secondgrade@holyfamilydalecity.org
Second Grade Aide
Mrs. Moore Third Grade thirdgrade@holyfamilydalecity.org
Ms. Rowley Fourth Grade fourthgrade@holyfamilydalecity.org
Mrs. Hooker Fifth Grade fifthgrade@holyfamilydalecity.org
Ms. Halgas Sixth Grade sixthgrade@holyfamilydalecity.org
Mr. Hutton Seventh Grade seventhgrade@holyfamilydalecity.org
Mrs.  Nussio Eighth Grade eighthgrade@holyfamilydalecity.org
Mr. Marr Science science@holyfamilydalecity.org
Mrs. Franklin Spanish  spanish@holyfamilydalecity.org
Mrs. Wolin Art/Music art@holyfamilydalecity.org
Mr. Moreno Computer/PE computer@holyfamilydalecity.org
Mrs. Dunlop Library library@holyfamilydalecity.org
Mrs. Quigley Resource
Mrs. Jesse Resource kjesse@holyfamilydalecity.org




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