Extra Curricular Activities

 NJHS – Middle School

The National Junior Honor Society was established in 1929 to recognize students who meet five criteria of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship and character.  NJHS membership is open to students who have concluded at least 6 quarters of middle school.  Students must have a minimum GPA to be considered for induction.  NJHS members conduct at least monthly meetings and assist with fundraising for worthy causes and service projects.

 VEX Robotics Team – 6th – 8th

We have two VEX robots this year. Each group of six students are building and programming a robot for competition in the VEX Toss Up game. The students will compete against other middle school teams in Prince William County. More information on VEX robotics and competitions can be found on the following website http://www.vexrobotics.com/vex

Lego Robotics Club – 3rd – 5th

The Holy FamilyLego-Robotics club focuses on the basics of programming a LEGO Mindstorm robot. This club is for students in 3rd through 5th grades.

 Drama Club – Middle School

Drama Club is open to middle school students to prepare a 30 minute Shakespearean play for the Diocesan Shakespeare Festival.  Students meeting twice a week from January until May.

  Running Club – Grades 3rd – 8th

The running club is opened to 3rd – 8th graders who are registered for the Falcon 5K or 1 mile fun run. The club starts 8-weeks prior to the Falcon 5K race and 1 mile fun run. Students typically meet two days a week (TUES and THURS) from 3:30 – 4:15 and learn about how to run, improve speed, and endurance. Each student who participates receives a special “Falcon in Training” t-shirt and gets to enjoy a “ Carb Loading” Pizza party on the last day of the club.

Chess Club 2nd – 8th


Angklung Ensemble 4th-8th

An Anklung is a bamboo rattle used by the people of Indonesia.  It is played just as a bell is played in a bell choir except it is rattled rather than rung.  Each person is responsible for their own note and rings it at the appropriate time in the music piece.

This is a very unique opportunity for our students to experience a rare but highly regarded form of ethnomusicology in a hands-on setting.  Most people in universities can only read about these types of groups.  Our students can be part of one!

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