Feast of the Epiphany Blessing

In celebration of the Feast of the Epiphany, we celebrated the revelation of God in His Son as human in Jesus Christ. Traditionally, it is a day for blessing homes. Our Pastor, Fr. Ramon Baez, blessed our school by writing the traditional inscription over the door with chalk.
20 B + G + M 23
May we who live in this home guard the sacredness of this doorway.
May God protect all who enter and leave through this doorway.
May we welcome all at this door in the name of Christ.
May the blessing of God and his peace and grace rest upon all who shall pass across this threshold.
20+C+M+B+23 = the current year at the beginning and end, Christ is the Lord of all time and we mark history by His visitation on earth. We ask that, by His grace, He be as present now in our lives as we know Him to be sacramentally. Christ is the king of all time.
20+C+M+B+23 - The Crosses - the blessing itself. You can read it twofold: the four corners of the world and the four Gospels. Christ reveals the face of the Father in His Word and is the king of every place.
20+C+M+B+23 - The letters. This has three levels to it. First is asking Christ to bless this place (Christe Mansionem Benedicat - Christ bless this place). Second is the customary names given the wise men (Casper, Melkior, and Balthazar). Finally, it is the three events that historically occurred on this date: Cana, Magi visit the manger, and Baptism in the Jordan.