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God has planted within human nature the desire to know and understand, to learn and explore, and to seek the answers to the questions of the world around us. Science is an area of the curriculum where that desire can be fostered by allowing the children to explore and discover the wonders of their world. Science probes the mysteries of the earth and universe, seeking the Creator in all things. Using the Catholic Social Teaching Principles, we must, as educators, create a Christ-centered atmosphere in which the students can and will grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Our primary goal as science teachers is to facilitate the learning of science by
engaging the student through enjoyable and meaningful scientific inquiry, while preparing these students to become life long learners. In this way, the students develop their full potential and grow in the love, knowledge, and appreciation of the gift of Life in our World.

The following are broad performance objectives to be used when developing lesson plans throughout the year.
  1. To cultivate in our students a love, curiosity, respect, and stewardship of God’s infinite creation.
  2. To recognize that we share the responsibility to respect the sanctity of all human life and the dignity of the human person.
  3. To develop scientific inquiry skills to be used both in individual and cooperative learning environments.
  4. To maximize hands-on opportunities for students to explore, discover, and experience the universe.
  5. To insure the ability of students to safely use scientific materials and equipment to explore, discover, and experience the universe.
  6. To incorporate mathematical tools into the organization and interpretation of the data.
  7. To integrate technology to prepare students to be able to effectively succeed in today’s society.
  8. To achieve scientific literacy and an understanding of the role science plays in our daily lives through utilization of cross-curricular instruction.
Diocese of Arlington Office of Catholic Schools

Science Curriculum Guidelines