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Welcome to the JMJ (Jesus, Mary, and Joseph) Learning Center at Holy Family Catholic School, where children grow in wisdom. Our Learning Center embraces the idea that each child is an inimitable creation of God, and that children learn in many ways and face unique challenges. We believe that every child of God deserves to have a positive and successful school experience.

The mission of the JMJ Learning Center is to help children deal with learning challenges not only by addressing weaknesses, but also by helping each child to identify their strengths and learning style. By focusing on strengths, the child learns in a more positive and individualized manner. In addition, The Learning Center teaches children strategies that help them achieve more success in their academic endeavors.

The Learning Center also works to determine accommodations and/or curriculum modifications that will help students succeed to the highest level of their ability. We work closely with each child’s teacher as a team devoted to supporting the child’s spiritual development, academic progress, and growing confidence as a learner.

Students are admitted to the Learning Center based on identified needs. We are unable to provide on-demand tutoring services or gifted education. Students who participate in the Learning Center have current Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) or Student Assistance Programs (SAPs). We also work with teachers to help identify students in their class who might be referred for educational testing, and to suggest classroom strategies that might benefit students who are having difficulty. In addition, the Learning Center implements Student Assistance Teams to aid students and serves as a resource for parents and teachers navigating the public school child study system. 

Please call the school at 703-670-3138 or e-mail at [email protected].